Enema Procedure Video Tutorial

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Hello my lovely friends and welcome to my home again.

We are gathered to see a demonstration on how to do enema and I’ve received so many request following my first video that I did on how to do an enema at home.

So everyone wanted to see a real live demonstration so they wanted me to do it.

So I decided to go ahead and get everything ready for my subscribers to go ahead and see how I do it.

So the first thing I do is of course I am dressed comfortably when I am not filming a video.

So I would usually either be you know half nude or with a comfortable T-shirt where I don’t have anything from the waist down and I am basically naked.

In order for me to be comfortable doing the enema.

As I’ve shown you in my previous videos in my other channel this is my favorite enema to use.

What it is just very very comfortable bucket that is extremely convenient for the amount of water that it can hold and for the places that I can use it in.

So this is the one I go ahead and use every time I do an enema and by the way this is how I keep myself slim and beautiful looking and full of energy.

So I don’t do anything else, I don’t work out, I don’t really go to the jym , I do not do anything.

I don’t really pay attention that much to what I  eat.

I can eat what whatever I want, I can do whatever I want.

But as long as I do the enema I know I am going to be ok and I know I am going to feel amazing and fantastic.


So let’s go ahead and get started and show you.

First I am going to show you some of the benefits of this enema.

First of all you can hang it anywhere pretty much.

You can hang it here, you can hang it on the door, on the key whole.

You can hang it on the kitchen counter.

You can hang in here.

Pretty much anyplace, so you can even hang it on the top of the door like this.

It’s very very comfortable.

This is dorable bucket, it is got metal hock, it is got very long holes.

So I am happy with the way it works for me because of all these features.

So lets get started now.

The first thing I need is just a container of hot, not so hot water but comfortable warm.


So that when I put my finger in it, it is basically not too hot, not too cold.

It is the water is gonna go inside me, so I want this comfortably to be warm, but not too warm.

And then what I do is I choose a hight, that is not going to give me too much pressure as it enters in my body.

So this is the hight I’ve chosen, I pore the water in, I’ve previously snapped the enema closer closed, so there is no water coming out as you can see.

And then I precede to cycle the water.

So this is what I do, I just open the closure inside the same bucket.

And then I release it, and then the water just cycles.

The reason it cycles is because if there is any cold water in here, I don’t want it entering my body.

I want just the warm water, so I will just cycle it make sure the warm will coming out.

And then I close it again.

So now there is nothing coming out and then I can just leave it there.

I am keeping this bucket nearby for refilling.

And I have prepared just a couple of a soft home blankets that I can place on the flood and I can be extremely comfortably and soft, as I do the enema procedure.

And then I go ahead and lay down, now the way I do it is I know that the water enters my body as I turn to the right and it exits my body as I turn to the left.

I’ve seen other people do it the other way around, but I know that the colon goes like this and so there fore when you are turned to the right the water goes in from here, so it falls down by the force of gravity it falls down to the right and then the anus is of course here, so that if you turn this way it will exit the body.

Now lets go ahead and get started.


I am wearing bodies in order for this demonstration to be effective, but of course I am not able to get naked for me to show you exactly how it is done.

So I am just gonna go ahead and enter the insertion tip which is very very small, and almost you almost can’t feel it.

It is comfortable enema insertion tip, and what I do is I just put it in my anus and then I release the knob.

So right now the water is comfortable warm for me, it is entering my body.

And as you see this level here will start to drop down and I release the knob to the very very end so the water flow is completely at 100% and as you can see it is starting to drop down.

Now I am going to refill and then sometimes I might read a book or I might you know if I had my laptop I might work on my laptop.

You can do whatever feels comfortable.

Also another way is as the hole is inside your body you can turn around.

I am going to try demonstrate this for you.

And you can have the water entered in your body by laying on your stomach.

So right now as you can see the level is dropped and going to continue to drop.

And usually in this position I use my computer at the most.

It is just a very convenient time for me to do staff on my computer, to do some work, answering some emails.

I am shaking the holes to promote more water fall.

The water is dropping down quite fas, and by the way while this is entering my body I want to thank you for subscribing to my channel and if you haven’t already I incur you to do so.

You will do that by pressing the red subscribe button under knee this video.

All it does it is going to serve you all my other videos that I’ve done and that I will do in the future and you will get to follow me on youtube that way.

So this is half way gone now. let me go ahead and refill again.

And this time I will lay on my back again.

Now some people also want in me to show the type of massage, of abdominal massage  that I would do while doing the enema because the water enters from here.

You can simply just  press in that directions, so from the left to the right and like I said some people do it the other way around.

So if you are  one of those people you can then massage from the left to the right.

To me it doesn’t feel right.

I don’t do it that way.

I do it from the left to the right, not from the right to the left.

And then I just simply press, you can either press or  you can just sort of wubble your tummy a little bit.


You know that’s a good thing to do.

Another thing while the water entering your body, another excellent practice is to raise your legs up, this is how it would be done.

Right here I have a little table underneath my counter and I just raise my feed up.

I can raise them up more if I want it to.


If I want to put them on my kitchen counter I can do so like this but this feels a little more comfortable.

And as you raise your feed up this will promote better water flow into your body again and make sure you don’t have a pillow.

If you have a pillow this is going to inhabit the water flow.

So as soon as I raised my head up I am stoping the water flow, I am contracting my muscles in my stomach so I don’t want to do that.

I want to keep flat and as you can see the water is almost entered me completely.

We have a little bit more left.

I will just shake it a bit to help it and I can raise this up higher
If I raise this up higher the pressure will be allot more and the water will be entering me with a force.

I am usually not a fan of that.


So I will keep it at this level and because I have already had two buckets in me I can now stand up and do my exercise.

I close the closer I remove the tip and then what I normally do I a head stander.

I don’t know what you call this but this is what I do.

I can shake my legs a little like this, I can do like this, I can do like this, I can do this position as well.

This is a very good position to help you get the water going inside you, it is already in your body but it is not completely cycling throw your intestines

This position will help get some air out of your anus and get the water further inside.

As you can see my shoulders are pressed against the flour.

This is not a good position, this position right here is not for the enema, it could be for other things but this is the position for the enema.

You can also get the water inside you in the same position as well.

Now lets go ahead and show you one of my exercises I do, so one thing I always do is I raise my legs up like this, like this.

I also jump allot so like this, and I do a cartwheel, let me show you.

One more cartwheel and as I feel that the water started to dessolve all the impurity inside me I can now go ahead and release it in the toilet.

Before that I am going to put away my towels, do some more jumping jacks, another thing I also do is I roll on the floor like this.


And then in the opposite direction.

If you already feel the urge after all these excursuses to go to the bathroom, then you can go ahead and do so.

If you don’t feel the urge yet you can simply continue with your exercises or you can sit around.

You can eat something, drink some coffee or do whatever you want until you get the natural urge to go to the bathroom and because I’ve done it so many times I am now feeling comfortable enough to go ahead and release in the bathroom so go ahead and follow me.


Now this is going to be a little bit tricky.

I sit on the toilet with my feet raised up by this little contraction.

What it is just a child’s stepping platform.


You can buy it I guess in any kind of children store.

As you are sitting on the toilet you can press your intestines, just press your tummy a little bit to help the water to get flushed out of you.

And if you excuse me I will use the bathroom right now and I will be right back

Everything is exiting my body at the moment as we speak.

All the gunk from the previous day and many other days probably.

I’m having to flash while I am using the bathroom several times in order to get rid of everything because it is coming out many many times over and over.


I will simply sit here, I will do more stretching exercises and some more abdominal massage.


So this will come out of you in portions several times over and over.

Be prepared to stay in the bathroom for a little while perhaps ever in you come out of the bathroom it will bring you back in a couple a more times.

Thats quite normal and pretty much when you are done you are done it doesn’t take long, maybe in the neighborhood of ten minutes.

If you are really slow fifteen minutes, if you are really really slow I would say maybe twenty minutes but …


However long this video is it takes less amount of time because you are doing it in the comfort of your own home and you are not filming and showing to anyone.

So now that I feel secured that I am done I am done.

Thank you very much for joining me for this video and thank you very much for subscribing my channel and thank you very much for subscribing to my channel and thank you very much for being my viewers for visiting me and for being loyal to me and my channel.

I will see you in the next video, if you have any special request please be sure to comment bellow and let me know what else you would like me to demonstrate for you and I will do my best to explain it , demonstrate it or do another video for you especially for that request.

I know it is very taboo topic and it is very hush hush (silent) but together we can brake that mold and open this sub to the public, help everyone to stay healthy stay young and feeling great.

So thank you for helping me to do that

I will see you soon, bye!