Re: [RedemptionByMethod] Redressright Calls the USDA Regarding Mortgages

Fraud??? HMMMMM????

Been going on for decades. A little late for blo=
wing the whistle don't you think???

Lets break this down a bit, =
shall we.

The bank gets funds from fanny/freddie. That's 1.
They get all our payments. That's 2.
Should we default, they get ins=
urance. That's 3.
Then they sell the house and get that to. That&#39=
;s 4.
They also pooled it with other mortgages and offered them up as se=
curities. That's 5

Where does it stop???

On Thu, Jun=
7, 2012 at 2:59 PM, EZrhythm <ezrhythm@mail.com> wrote:



Passing this on from Brett-

"I contacted the United States Department of Agriculture
yesterday… told them that I knew for a fact that every house was
insured by the United States government for up to 90% of the loan.
A gentleman supervisor from the Department of Agriculture
contacted me and confirmed what I had stated. One gentleman
actually said that that's fraud because I explained that the bank=
are falling for the insurance and were paying these mortgages off
and they're not telling us that they filed for the insurance. So =
am officially going to be a whistle blower. I hear there is money
involved in such whistle blowing. You all can help me be the
whistle blowers, that's what the puerile of consumer fraud
protection is all about. We need to file complaints people,
regarding the insurance. That's the issue."








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